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HW: 125
SW: 120
CW: 114.5
GW1: -115-
GW2: 110
GW3: 105
UGW: 100

What I Love & Hate About Me


  1. tummy
  2. arms
  3. self-estem
  4. scars
  5. thunder thighs
  6. no being able to forgive & forget
  7. i can be a bitch sometimes
  8. i let people walk all over meĀ 
  9. my face is really oily
  10. my hair is in a weird stage inbetween curly & straight
  11. my fingers are fat.. rings look awkward
  12. my butt is flat
  13. im fat all over
  14. bumps in my hair
  15. zits everywhere
  16. fat ankels
  17. i have no muscle. and it doesnt form quickly on me
  18. double chin
  19. my inability to cut my nails right
  20. the fact i can make a list this long


  1. my eyes
  2. determination to get thin
  3. self-lessnessĀ 
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